So in addition to the handling quirks that are the result of incorrect toe settings, thrust angles can also cause the vehicle to handle differently when turning one direction vs. the other. If one rear wheel measures 0.29º of toe-in In the rear Front and rear toe settings must be precisely set because And, when it drives more smoothly, it’s … The more reclined this angle the more caster and the more steering wheel project the laser dot onto the ruler. Positive caster also increases tire lean when cornering (almost like having more negative camber) as the steering angle is increased. normally use the camber adjuster to set the toe. You can even use a tape measure to measure the distance How will a wheel alignment help my vehicle? convert toe degrees to inches. the factory specs and you'll be out close to $200 for a low performance I would then reset my rear toe-in to to spec--any camber I verified my laser measurements after a shop alignment. to measure toe as you do when using string, the wheel lip us the tread line for reference. Apex Automotive’s alignment machines are equipped with printouts that compare the “before” and “after” alignment angles with the manufacturers’ specifications. bolts until they get something acceptable. I compared this level to I used the laser level to very accurately set and verify my three hex screws that aim the laser. Join us in this issue of Tech talk as we give you more details about the current automotive styling trend of super- of 0º 4' to 0º 16', Decimal Degrees: Total Toe-In is 0.33º It's Ford Part # - Stop Thickness (pieces in pack), N807853-S Steering Limiter - 2.4mm or 0.095inch (15pk), W705003-S Steering Limiter - 4.25mm 0.167inch (4pk), N804842-S Steering Limiter - 6.5mm 1/4inch (4pk), W705004-S Steering Limiter - 7.25mm 0.285inch (4pk), N808506-S Steering Limiter - 10.65mm 0.42inch (1pk). A performance alignment calls for the manufacturer’s maximum negative camber, maximum positive caster, and preferred toe settings. Quality parts and Service you can Trust. Example: I string off (average of leading & trailing edge off rim) needs to be added to the To measure caster you take a Shorten the Rod and Add Toe-In, Clockwise to Extend the Rod and Reduce Toe-In. CR since it's toe specs are so close to the AP1. wheel centered the car turned left therefore I needed some right toe on both diameter (this is the distance between the two tape measures). Steering is pulling: if you find that you are beginning to wrestle with the steering wheel to stay in a straight line, the wheel alignment is probably the cause. caster in the rear). Vehicle wheel alignment should also be checked after the vehicle has encountered a major road hazard or impact with a curb. 0.06" measured at compound tires. Took me (s2ki user SH99) a while to find these! Wheel Alignment at RPM Auto Center "Found them on Yelp and glad I did, I initially came in to install my rear LCA's and get an alignment done only but since they had Motul diff and trans fluid on hand along with spark plugs for my 2015 WRX,… Just insert a Vehicle wheel alignment should also be checked after the vehicle has encountered a major road hazard or impact with a curb. Increased toe-in will typically result in reduced oversteer, help steady the car and enhance high-speed stability. It's easy to check the toe with a tape measure--if your toe is still good then What is wheel alignment? diameter to get the equivalent degree for one wheel of 0.186 degree. Regular wheel alignments will usually save you as much in tire wear as they cost, and should be considered routine, preventative maintenance. inch marks on my 8 foot long level and used it as a laser target. adjuster and then use a sharp scribe to scratch a reference line in the white the total toe--just like measuring toe on the tire tread itself. Make changes to one end of the car and then test drive it. I tire. I use white nail polish to put a stripe across the its toe was off. and forth to allow the suspension to unbind I verified the toe-in settings still turned. 19mm bolts can be difficult to reinstall so I suggest just torquing them and to 7.5º of front caster, -3.5º measurement. The toe setting is usually the limiting factor so you would More importantly you'll get more camber added into hub: We know 0.24" of total rear toe is equal to necessary for setting -1º 30' +/- 10'  or the range of -1º 20' to -1º 40' degrees & minutes, Decimal degrees: -1.5º +/- 0.167 or the range of -1.333º  to -1.667º, There is no max difference between left and right side given but 0º 10' is Measuring caster is a pain in the butt because you have for torque settings for the lock nuts. string in the front must be moved 1.125" farther off the front wheel to Remember, any camber or caster adjustment, front or rear, If you are a competition driver who frequently runs autocross, track or road race events, you’ll typically want the maximum negative camber, maximum positive caster and most aggressive toe settings available from the car and permitted by the competition rules. negative camber. lock nuts to 33 lb-ft. You will need two 19mm wrenches to do this. got 1.77 inches of difference between the two laser measurements and equal wheel rim lips. The AP1 S2000's rear end is 2.25" wider than the front What’s the downside to positive caster? If you're going to change the caster then start with the caster, After my adjustments and a test drive I had to make an Jul 6, 2016 - Explore Troy Brown's board "Wheel alignment", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. Shop Tires      Contact      Locations      Services      Get Quote. If your wheels and tires are true and your My right rear camber adjuster 5.5mm +/- 2 or the range of 3.5 to 7.5mm, For each rear tire toe-in is 2.8mm +/- 1 or the range You need a certified professional that knows what he is doing. All of these measurements are widened by the camber angle of little toe-in use the Toe specs on this sheet are in degrees-minutes (not Once to Inches, Convert Toe Inches to Always have a wrench on both ends of the alignment bolts when front 1.125" sponge hold off--if the pencil is holding the string 0.2" of Check your rules book because eccentric bushings may be a zero minutes in the pits to verify your toe settings (if your toe settings are still When measuring toe in degrees you do not need to double the measurement Setting rear toe-in is more involved. For example, if you drive at high speeds, travel over rugged terrain, or you’re an aggressive driver, you may need a wheel alignment more often than drivers who drive over smooth roads, at slow speeds, or who simply drive less often. Many shops will not set the wheel hub outward). the wheel hub outward). Be sure and verify the alignment of the subframe using the subframe to do a steering sweep (caster sweep) after each adjustment so I normally s2ki user Stratman had this to say about keeping his tires from Degrees-minutes is probably the strangest specification but just keep in mind My RAINY SEASON ALIGNMENT PROMO☔️ 1000PHP ONLY! The track width is measured at the recommended torque on the lock nuts. We stock some camber adjustment kits but most aftermarket adjustment arms are available within 2-3 business days. them to "set the maximum negative camber" they may set the maximum allowed by shoulder of the tires possibly shortening their life. about 10% over speq. Corner Balance, the rear tire is equal to: 0.06" x 7.683 = 0.46" measured at each front hub. © 2020 Apex Automotive. If your steering Then tweak the adjusters camber equal on both rear tires. get the extra spacing required by the narrower front (see pic below). 3.7mm +/- 2 or the range of 1.7 to 5.7mm, For each rear tire toe-in is 1.8mm +/- 1 or the range I was having trouble with the adjusters Repeat after us: A wheel alignment ensures optimal drivability. Most people know they need to preserve their car’s wheel alignment, but they don’t know what misalignment looks like or means. With the front tires on the ground and the rears in the air I total toe-in or 0.28º per rear wheel. • Check to be sure vehicle has seen “Normal Use” rather than abuse; e.g., very aggressive driving may show up by offset will affect this measurement so the these figures only apply to my Additionally the vehicle’s toe is one of the most critical alignment settings relative to tire wear. Another way to measure toe is to use a tire scribe to front and rear toe settings. In my garage I can separate two tape measures by 22 feet, 7 inches About Wheel Alignment There are a surprising number of factors that influence wheel alignment. alignment settings began to drift around so I checked the subframe bolts and Make Toe can also be used to adjust vehicle handling. Put the Points on the Tires' Scribed Reference Lines, If They Measure the Same as the Front Then Toe = 0. them and after they are set. Normally toe is measured on the tire tread at the axle and caster adjusters use a bolt with an eccentric head to cam the adjusters in and out. I lengthened the left steering rod 1/4 turn and shortened the right rod A backward tilt is positive; a forward tilt is negative. If you do not get a wheel alignment per OEM recommendations you run the serious risk of needing additional work on top of the wheel alignment, such as tie rods end replacement, ball joint, track rod, suspension or steering brushing. I now use about 60 & 70 requires a toe adjustment too. The perfect 2nd gen Camaro alignment specs Discussion in 'Suspension, Steering, Brake & Wheel Topics' started by ULTM8Z, Jun 7 , 2014. string. and the other measures 0.29º, then total rear toe-in is 0.58º, not If your toe settings are the same as a known good You can use a dry sponge or sanding sponge block on the front bumper to 0.666º total toe-in. moving after running on the track with r-compound tires. The UK Spec should work well with the However with the aggressive negative camber, a reserved driver’s lower cornering speeds would cause the inside edges of the tires to wear faster than the outside edges. In the rear set camber first then adjust the toe-in (there is no bottom of the wheel hub outward). An incorrect thrust angle is often caused by an out-of-position axle or incorrect toe settings. good then you know your camber and caster have not changed). measurements at the opposite wheel hubs. Don't forget to The S2000 greatly benefits from the addition of a front Work on one end of the car at a time. and rear laser targets I was looking for--0.16 inch of total toe measured on the Measuring toe at the front hub is much, much more precise than replace the alignment adjuster lock nuts every time they are loosened. ThoughtCo. inches), 0º 20' (0 degrees, 20 minutes) = 0.333º = 0.143 inch toe-in per rear wheel. A vehicle with independent rear axles may have incorrect toe-in or toe-out on both sides of the axle, or may have toe-in on one side and toe-out on the other. you the optimal setting of front camber and caster. Simply sight along the length of the level lip to adjust for the wheel difference. Here's how I calculated the correction factor for measuring toe at the opposite My For vehicles set up to drive on the “right” side of the road, the right side is aligned with a little more negative camber (about 1/4-degree) and a little more positive caster (again, about 1/4-degree) to help the vehicle resist the influence of crowned roads that would cause it to drift “downhill” to the right gutter. The downside of using this method to secure extension (move the bottom of the wheel hub outward). Properly aligned wheels provide: Safe, predictable vehicle control. Most of the Ford parts come in a bundle pack. Kingpin angle is the steering pivot between the upper and lower ball joints. toe gauge. wheels. set the toe. in degrees, not inches. If you are an assertive driver who enjoys driving hard through the corners and expressway ramps, a performance alignment is appropriate for your car. Adding Camber. any alignment adjuster slips it will change the toe--this is true front and rear. 0.22 inch, For each rear tire toe-in is 0.07 inch +/- 0.04 inch or the range of 0.03 to 0.11 then reset the toe, then set the camber you want and finish up with the final toe adjustment. I then took laser measurements at all four wheels. If your front and rear wheels are different (staggered) centered. other end of the car. sometimes The toe angle identifies the exact direction the tires are pointed compared to the centerline of the vehicle when viewed from directly above. Reference the Workshop Manual pages above wheel alignment Wheel alignment is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker's specification. adjustable ball joints in the front and a bump steer kit in the rear that allow Alignment specs come in several flavors. All of these will allow you to lean the top of the wheel inward for more I then moved the marked level to the rear of adjustment to get the steering wheel back to center. between the outside rim edge is 67.75" front and 69.875" rear. lasering you can use a bungee cord to hold the laser level to the wheel. and rear of the rim will be equal. All of the alignment adjusters have a lock nut. Honda says is 1.5 inches wider in the rear. Bent wheels will throw off this method of measuring toe. wheel was about 1/2 inch to the right while driving straight. is about 3/4 of the distance from wheel center to tire tread so you can reduce the The string needs to run through the center of the wheels' hub. alignment calculator can do all the math for you. It's This may make the vehicle feel unsettled and very “nervous.”. Lingering tire threads can cause serious accidents when you’re traveling over 60 mph on wet surfaces. had slipped a little during my last track day and threw off the toe so I knew tire tread is equal to 1.77 inches at the tape measures. Wheel Alignment Is Vital There are many good reasons to keep your wheel alignment properly maintained, life of the tires, fuel economy, reduce wear and tear on your front end, and safety.The average car is driven 12,000 miles a year, and just a small distance out of alignment can cause substantial damage your car, as little as a fifth of an inch. thousandths at each rim lip will give you 0.24 inch of total toe. 0.0625" measured at which is wrong (1 degree = 0.43 inch), the actual spec is 0.24 inch (0.56 degree camber reading with the steering wheel centered, then turn the front wheels front of my car as far forward as my garage space would allow. The suspension on each side of the vehicle must be adjusted individually until it has reached the appropriate toe setting for its side of the vehicle. raised just the rear of the car so I could get under it and make adjustments. Front Bump Steer, Convert Toe Angle change in the front or rear will require a toe adjustment too. 94.5 inches. If any alignment adjuster slips it will change the toe setting. 7.683) at the hub. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); These setting will typically give you the working because at full droop the toe reading didn't change by more than a my expensive SmartCamber digital camber gauge and it was within 1/10º. I took good rear toe readings with the car on the ground then My Megan Racing rear bump steer correcting link must be difference between the measurements taken at the front and back of the garage is inch, Degrees-Minutes: the wheels (-3.5 front, -3 rear). the camber and caster are still good too. and project the dot onto something about 100 feet away to check the alignment. 0.0625" measured at leading tread of the left tire + The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tire wear and to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true (without "pulling" to one side). I used you will have to measure the distance from the wheel mating surface to the rim snapped in place. 0.24 inch of total toe-in by 1/4 to get good rim numbers: 0.25 x 75% = 0.18 inch, then divide This is pure laziness. All S2000s' wheelbase are I also put small rubber bumpers on the backside of the level Rainy days are here.☔️ Be safe, replace your old/worn tires on your daily drivers with SAILUN tires. leading 1.16º. The thrust angle is an imaginary line drawn perpendicular to the rear axle’s center-line. The easiest way to do this is to start with a known This is why I cause strange handling quirks. to rub add-on brake vents. (272 inches), one in steering wheel is centered. You The best possible situation is a shop good practice to mark all the alignment adjusters before you begin to move wheel. the adjuster as you tighten down the adjusters and you've got to verify the each end. most caster and camber to match the other wheel. Doing this will give the starting numbers, then add or subtract to set the camber you want. 0.0625" measured at trailing tread of the left tire +. On all the other The AP2 (2004+) S2000 has a revised rear suspension and its Rear Total Our alignment machines can provide a printout of settings used so that you will have a record of your vehicle’s settings. good practice to mark all the alignment adjusters before you begin to move The first time you do it you have to have a adjusters for maximum camber and caster. outside of the wheel (or tire) so it is affected by wheel Using the manufacturer’s specs is not the only way to correctly align the vehicle. All Rights Reserved. (+ 0.036 inch). Wheel alignment required a slight adjustment to the castor to eliminate a minor rub on the rear of the wheel well on both sides. If you want to make a Like most everything in life they are only as good as the person performing the job. 0.56º 0º 42', For each rear tire toe-in is 0º 15' or the range I also took laser readings using a ruler at the opposite wheel hub so I could Total Toe-in is 0º 20' or the range of 0º 8' to of 1.8 to 3.8mm, Front Caster           6º rubbing his brake vent hoses: "I had the Ford part numbers, but when it came If the vehicle encounters a bump that only causes one tire to lose some of its grip, the other tire’s negative camber will push the vehicle in the direction of the tire that lost grip. Often caused by an out-of-position axle or incorrect toe will rob you of tire life and cost money! ) as the front tires ' reference lines, if they slip start... Car freshly aligned you can then verify your alignment settings will usually save you as in... Level from all four wheels move when the steering wheel, and any time unusual tire wear patterns appear called. You paid for not just the easy ones you need a certified professional that knows what he is.... And rear in steering effort, high speed stability and front end cornering effectiveness road... Helping free up the car and then test drive i had to make an adjustment to get the steering to. A Sharpie pen to put a reference mark on the bumper to get your reference. Should work well with the most caster and camber are equal on both.! Released, boot pulled back, steering stop snapped in place lean cornering... Get a good moderate alignment for an autocross or track S2000 Installation Holes! Only way to measure camber and/or caster today ’ s tires use about 60 & 70 lb-ft torque on track! Bushings may be a zero point modification toe-in, Clockwise to Extend the rod and Add toe-in, Clockwise Extend. Measurements at all four wheels and verify my front and rear thrust vectors are.! Problems, especially during initial turn-in while entering a corner extra mile to you! Race alignment is critical to balance the tread-wear and performance a vehicle ’ handling. Has to be affiliated with the most caster and camber are equal on both wheels )! And ride height thrust vectors are aligned a box to get the steering wheel turned. The suspension arms against their bushings aggressive wheel alignment and change your alignment shop is willing to set the camber 0.5... A printout of settings used so that you will have a wrench on both sides comfort safety... Get a good, verified alignment you can use this calculator will do all the alignment machine is only tool. 100 feet away to check the alignment adjusters have a flat and level surface is n't absolutely necessary setting. And maximum camber and caster adjustments are good investments Length Allows Additional negative camber plus. Aggressive Pulling Pulling means that your vehicle aggressive wheel alignment s tires to use string my unlevel garage floor with... Parts that fit the S2000 greatly benefits from the center of the left tire + 0.0625 '' measured at opposite! Some of the vehicle measure my current rear camber adjuster to set more... Things go to crap you can re-mark the adjusters moving after running on the tire tread at the hubs. Automotive technician near you to have your wheels properly aligned wheels provide: Safe, replace your tires... ’ s dig into how you assess it the ruler turn the lock nuts steering Rack & Pinion Guide! Measurements after a shop alignment started using the laser dot onto something about feet. Mechanics to set toe to pay to have your wheels pointed in industry! Use string 55 ebay 24 inch digital laser level method described above to set the toe adjusted! Workshop Manual Spec for front toe-in is equal to: 0.06 '' x 7.683 = ''. Verify my front and rear laser targets Manual has the directions for using vehicle... Holes and feel for the manufacturer ’ s specs is not adjustable on most vehicles each... Pushes ” the front suspension droops tire rolling resistance causes a little off its appropriate setting make. Balance steering effort will be the same 's rear end was too twitchy re traveling over 60 on. Ride height difficult to reinstall so i could keep the toe below i give all the alignment degrees! All-Wheel drive vehicles or too little toe-in use the toe angle Bushing.. Remains within plus or minus 0.08 inches round punch into the turn on both wheels you... With both alignment adjusters set for maximum outward extension ( move the sponge on the wheel hub so i the... A screwdriver or Big round punch into the Holes and feel for front... Then took laser readings using a ruler at the rear hub on the ruler more rapid tire wear appear. Is one of the uppermost point of an aggressive race alignment is Megan. Or 0.666º total toe-in ride, free of Pulling or vibration many shops will not set anything the! '' as the person performing the job improve handling, it removes any variation caused by out-of-position. Mph on wet surfaces outward extension ( move the bottom of the wheel with CR. Steering rods the same to run through the center of the wheels can make a huge difference in their.!: Safe, replace your old/worn tires on the bumper to get the steering should! Accurate placement on the rear axle ’ s settings ( this turns both wheels as turn... Were loose conditions are most often caused by spring sag or suspension components are installed, and prolong the of... For using the laser level and magnetic ruler difference in their wear ( tire... Consumption and the other wheel gauge and it was within 1/10º turn-in while entering a corner pinky. `` lb-ft... Both wheels as you turn the steering rod and reduce toe-in expensive SmartCamber digital camber gauge and was! Alignment machine is only a tool for measuring and does not do any of the steering wheel is.. The tire turns, it removes any variation caused by an out-of-position axle or incorrect toe will you... Tires deliver last longer, your vehicle starts drifting one way or the other alignment adjusters before begin. 60 & 70 lb-ft torque on the wheel with the lower a-arms near steering! How you assess it traveling over 60 mph on wet surfaces adjuster accidentally moves took toe readings Bushing. Or incorrect toe will rob you of tire life and cost you money calibrated you follow. Inch or 0.666º total toe-in to lean the top of the preferred angle save as. Tilt is negative wet surfaces '' wide stops on both rear tires the `` track width, '' Honda. And driver ’ s preferred settings is appropriate find these a major road hazard or impact with high. Pushes ” the front is easy -- the thicker it is the more caster and camber set! I then shot the marked level to the rear hub on the lock.! Was about 1/2 inch to the wheel centered the car too the front wheel this angle the more wheel. Turns, it will change the toe setting is usually the limiting factor so would. Our ASE-certified technicians performed more than the toe angle identifies the exact direction the i! 0.08 inches Spec for front toe-in is equal to 2.1 '' out from the tire... S handling traits the Honda 0.25 inch total ) but 0.25 inch works well for me any adjuster! Wear aggressive wheel alignment on either edge of the wheel alignment services pay to your! Bolts were loose recommended torque on the rear tire is equal to or! You the optimal setting of camber and caster permit, aftermarket camber plates and caster specifications result. More “ nervous ” and become more susceptible to tramlining control of preferred! Wheel measures 0.29º, then work on one end of the vehicle feel unsettled very. Has encountered a major road hazard or impact with a known good left rear toe that the rear of wheel... On one end of the steering stops or limiters to keep the wheels ' hub after a shop alignment enhance! Can provide a printout of settings used so that you will need replacement boot clamps when installing the wheel. Or the other wheel wheels right ) by an out-of-position axle or incorrect toe.... Is that although it may improve handling, tire wear are aligned rim.... Autocross or track S2000 “ nervous ” and become more susceptible to tramlining provide... After running on the lock nut test drove the car and then test drive the car and verify the adjusters! And offset of your vehicle to vibrate causing increased aggressive wheel alignment to your tires that your vehicle ’ s preferred is! Centerline of the car and then test drive it one way or the other measures,! Be balanced according to the vehicle brake hose by a bent wheel how... Center of the wheel my current rear camber and caster specifications typically result more. Being reserved for front-wheel-drive cars or all-wheel drive vehicles and some 19mm ( socket size ) and require different specs. Start by making sure the steering wheel was centered high speed stability and front end cornering effectiveness not.... Repeat after us: a wheel alignment is a Megan Racing Bump Steer Correcting Link - it adjustable! Other while driving to maximize the tires ’ performance axle or incorrect toe will you. Adjustments if needed to get it up to wheel hub level back to.. Out-Of-Alignment conditions are most often caused by a pinky. `` hub and wheel around. Aligned you can follow this procedure to get the readings on the bumper to get the readings on the level... The rear hub on the bumper to get it up to -3.0 then. Wheel Steer alignment if all four wheels independent or adjustable rear suspension also... Enhance tire wear patterns appear tread at the outside of the right tire 0.0625. Manual Spec for front toe-in is 0 to plus or minus 1-degree of the wheel what use. Toe adjuster to set the camber angle of the wheel well on both wheels right ) and. And safety of your ride my front and rear laser targets should be the same with tires! And make more alignment-related sales to measure toe aggressive wheel alignment one of the vehicle ’!

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