In Berlin, Germany, the Blue Card requirements says the following: When engaging in employment. Ordinance). Yulia Navalnaya has taken on an increasingly prominent role in the fight against the government of Vladimir Putin. There's a particular shortage of labor in heath care. Periods of possession of an EU Blue Card – even in another Member State – are on the necessarytime to issue a permit for permanent residence in the EC in Germany counted under certain conditions (§ 9a para 2 No. International Student studying remotely at home country – Rent Contract Question, Help to get a VISA to study a Master’s in Germany. Also, they may only be granted if your livelihood is secured at this time (§ 18c of the Residence Act). Employers of foreign nationals planning to apply for or renew a EU Blue Card in Germany in 2019, or with pending Blue Card applications for work starting in 2019, should ensure that salaries meet the new minimum salary threshold. If the previous 12-month period to seek employment on 1 August 2012 has not expired, the permit according to § 16 paragraph 4 of the Residence Act is to extend by six months and allow unrestricted employment. 1 Employment Procedure Ordinance). Germany, he said, would continue to have a closed-shop image. Your 1st class ticket to Germany is the gross annual salary of €53.600, which is rather the average for IT professions. In contrast to other highly qualified persons, graduates from these occupations generally need for their employment in context of the Blue Card EU the approval by the Federal Employment Agency. The EU Blue Card helps highly-qualified third-country nationals to migrate to Germany permanently. The EU Blue Card is a residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment for non-EU citizens with an academic qualification and a certain minimum income. Legal notice | As a doctor in Germany, you benefit in several ways from this status. SHORTAGE OCCUPATIONS IN BELGIUM. It is issued to university graduates from so-called “third countries” who have secured a job in Germany and earn a salary of at least 53.600 … A childcare allowance is available in Germany â i.e., whoever has children receives a tax allowance for a specific amount of their income. The German government has been dragging its feet on implementing the Blue Card, maybe because many still don't see Germany as an immigration country. A new addition was also a residence permit for job search for qualified professionals with a duration of up to six months. The income must be sufficient, however, to secure the livelihood of their own. By 2030, Germany will have a shortage of six million workers, the Nuremberg-based Federal Labor Agency calculates. These occupations include doctors, engineers, natural scientists, … New salary requirements should be considered. "To grant residence status only with such a caveat runs counter to the spirit of our migration law," Kilic argued. Germany to tackle skills shortage with 'Blue Card' The German Parliament has held its first debate on a government draft bill, which is geared towards luring more foreign, non-EU workers into Germany. You will have to have a gross yearly salary of 41, 808 Euros for the so-called shortage occupations in Germany. Legal residence in strengthening the (permanent) settlement permit: Graduates of German universities is granted a permanent residence permit if they are for two years. We use cookies to improve our service for you. Only little fewer than 150 job contracts have so far been signed on that basis. Effective January 1, 2020, the minimum annual salary for EU Blue Card applicants in Germany will increase to EUR 55,200, or EUR 43,056 for shortage occupations, up 2.9 percent from last year. But if you have a contract in the occupations that suffer shortages of skilled labour the salary requirement decreases. The government in Berlin aims to lower the average annual income ceiling considerably. In these cases, however, for people with a foreign university degree (so-called “foreign students”), nor an examination of the Federal Employment Agency required that meet the working conditions, especially the content, the usual working conditions. In order to qualify for an EU Blue Card as a highly qualified worker, you have to earn a salary that is at least 1.5 times the average national salary in the country where you will work. Shortage occupations are according to § 2 II BeschV especially scientists, mathematics, engineers, physicians in human medicine and academic professionals in information and communication technology. The EU Blue Card is a special type of residence permit that was adopted to help alleviate Germany’s skilled worker shortage. Belgium is a developed state, a part of the European Union, and is conveniently located near the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg. With her husband imprisoned again, that will continue. Holding an EU Blue Card you may apply for a Red-White-Red Card plus with the competent residence authority in Austria (Provincial Governor (Landeshauptmann) or the duly authorised district administration bodies (Bezirkshauptmannschaft or Magistrat), if you were employed in accordance with the eligibility criteria for the EU Blue Card for at least 21 months during the preceding 24 months. The signal going out to skilled workers would thus be rather negative and could mean that they'll give us a wide berth, he feared. As far as the immigration authorities, the Federal Labour Agency in the work permit procedures involved in the future still needs the approval of the work permit shall continue to be granted if the federal agency for work within two weeks at the request of the Immigration Office responds and tells that not enough information provided to to decide on the approval, or the employer does not provide the necessary information or has not timely issued (§ 14 Employment Procedure Faciliated Immigration: List of shortage Occupations From July 2013, the new employment regulation against the shortage of qualified personnel in training occupations will come into force. The previously planned review of working conditions by the Federal Employment Agency omitted (§ 3b Employment Ordinance). Blue card German salary requirement For EU blue card there are job salary requirements: You need to have employment with a salary of at least 53600 Euros per year. Blue Card holders in shortage occupations must be paid at least EUR 43,056 per year (up from EUR 41,808 in 2019). "Our economic strength and with it the economic well-being of each and everyone in this country will increasingly depend on people's innovative clout and knowledge," Schröder added. Blue Card holders in shortage occupations must be paid at least EUR 41,808. Germany's economy would screech to a halt without foreign labor. Germany This leaflet is issued by – Helping you further! Spouses and domestic partners are also entitled immediately after their entry to employment (§ 29 par 5 No. For certain occupations that suffer from shortages of skilled labor the salary level is €43,056 per year (2020). Author: Sabine Kinkartz / hg Editor: Nicole Goebel. Skilled labour shortages in German companies – Which occupations are in demand? In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. These professions at present are: Scientists in natural science disciplines, mathematicians, architects, interior, urban and traffic planners, designers, engineers, scientific engineers, physicians (except dentists) and those with academic qualifications in information and communications technology. During this “search phase” foreign graduates may continue to be employed without limitation, to secure their livelihood. The permit is linked to the holder, not the job. © 2021 Deutsche Welle | Milling machinists 2. Spouses, partners and children of persons who hold a Blue Card Union can travel to Germany to follow suit or. But changes are now in the pipeline. Holders of a so-called Blue Card would face fewer restrictions. A change of job is in the first two years of employment authorization (§ 19a para 4 of the Residence Act). It provides that the German labor market will be opened to qualified immigrants in mid-level positions, i.e. EU Blue Card holders are allowed to go back to their home countries or other non-EU states for a maximum of 12 consecutive months without losing the EU Blue Card ownership. Although Germany does not have a nation-wide skills shortage at present, it is already impossible to fill vacancies in certain regions and sectors with suitable skilled workers. SPD lawmaker Daniela Kolbe fears that wage dumping might result from the legislation. Facilities for students and graduates and graduates from German universities – freedom of consent, access to self-employed and extension of the so-called “search phase”: Foreign students with a student residence permit according to § 16 Residence Act shall continue throughout 120 or 240 half days to work alongside their studies without consent (§ 16 para 3 of the Residence Act). Good news! The work permit process has been streamlined. The EU- regulations concerning the blue card will be valid in Germany as a part of the German law from the … This is a clear advantage over the national residence permits. There is an international market for medical … Prefer to read the website in your own language? He also criticizes that applicants would lose their residence status, should they have to fall back on welfare money during the first three years of their stay in Germany. In addition to the inclusion of a (dependent) employment law for graduates of German universities in the future looks a residence permit for self-employment before (§ 21 paragraph 2 of the Residence Act). Shortage occupations are specific occupations for which there are not enough workers in Germany. After that, they will be granted an unlimited residence permit, too. That would also apply to those undergoing vocational training in Germany. Doctors are not only highly appreciated by society, they are also well rewarded with an average salary for graduates being around €49,000 a year. Family members of skilled workers and university graduates and graduates who are under § 3b, § 4, § 5, § 27 and § 28 of the Employment Ordinance concerned may continue to exercise without the consent of the Federal Employment Agency employment (§ 3 No. owns and an annual salary from the current € 44,800 will be achieved, is granted under § 19a of the Residence Act, without examination by the Federal Employment Agency (temporary) EU Blue Card, if in Germany the conclusion of such contract of employment prospect is (§ 18 para 5 of the Residence Act ). The difficulties currently occuring in some occupations are also heavily dependent on the level of qualifications. and a salary at least two-thirds of the German pension fund contribution ceiling (Beitragsbemessungsgrenze der deutschen Rentenversicherung), which changes slightly … The Italian museum where the oil painting belonged was not aware of the theft. Students and graduates of German universities, Facilities for vocational training in Germany, Facilitation of job search, shortening of the work permit process, comparable with a national university degree foreign degree. It facilitates mobility within the EU, excluding the member states Denmark, Ireland and UK. Germany offers Blue Cards to even fresh University graduates if they have a job offer. When Germany's foreign minister met with his Turkish counterpart, DW published photographs of them with and without masks. You can apply for the permanent residency permit after 33 months of working in the first hosting state, or 21 months if B1 language level knowledge is achieved. For so-called “shortage occupations” is the annual salary limit for the EU Blue Card is currently € 34,944 . Memet Kilic, a lawmaker from the opposition Green party, believes the political and social climate in this country will have to change as well to make things work. A guideline from the European Commission dating back to 2009 stipulates that skilled workers from non-EU nations should have similar regulations as to their residence status than foreign workers in the US. The 33-month period shall be reduced to 21 months if the foreign national language proficiency level B1 proves (§ 19a para 6 of the Residence Act). The biggest hurdle for non-EU applicants to enter the German labor market has been his or her average annual salary, which needs to be no less than 66,000 euros ($88,000). The situation is worsening in southern and eastern Germany … It is an important international political center, where the headquarters of associations such as the European Union and NATO function. The EU Blue Card – a (temporary) residence permit for skilled workers with possible further migration into another EU Member State: In addition to the national legislation (permanent) settlement permit for highly qualified according to § 19 Residence Act enters the new Blue Card Union in accordance with § 19a of the Residence Act. Which occupations are considered shortage occupations depends on the development of the Austrian labour market. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. For the EU Blue Card Germany requires that you apply in-person.