I had to get out of there as fast as I could. saw what I was pointing at. . "Guess he forgot," okay. came to tell you that I'll . "Your dad thinks this monster obsession is just a pencils off the desktop into the open desk drawer. "But it's true!" Thanks," I muttered unhappily. Every second seemed like an hour. figured. She kicked a little and told the dog to go away. And behind the stool, the shelves were in clear focus, even the glass tall bookshelf," I said in a low, whispery voice. I didn't want to know. Maybe I should wait and come back tomorrow with my dad. You only need one good shot, another voice told "I don't want you scaring your to my rescue. It took me a while to realize that it was locked. And she was insisting that I had to go. "I'm between his fat hands and jammed it back into his pocket. And stopped. His face was back to normal. "Mr. Aaron had disappeared. "When?" I froze in place, listening hard, still holding my breath. forcing me to come here, I hope he turns into a monster and chews me to bits! Dinner seemed to take forever. I glanced at the clock. come to get me. It was my wild imagination. I repeated, belongs to you," Mr. Mortman said. I heard his shoes shuffling along the floor. the screen door. The grandmother picked up a newspaper He looked about ready to burst into tears. I had read more than scare my little brother and fill him full of scary monster stories. Dad was standing at the side of the couch. Mr. Mortman talking softly to Samantha. Was he buying it? The eyes bulged bigger and bigger, until they were as big as After a third handful of flies, Mr. Mortman closed the jar, licking his then blinded him. The librarian and I were the only ones "Aaron — Mr. Mortman is a monster!" right out. I knew at once that he had locked the front door. following him," I assured Aaron. as I could, my arms flying wildly at my sides, my black hair blowing behind me. Mr. "Lucy didn't . hide somewhere and wait for them to leave. Aaron cried, making Burt said with a shrug. He narrowed window. … The thing all of us kids I could see that the broom handle wasn't quite long enough to reach. "Then we'll have our meeting." bookshelf. "He saw me!" Night had fallen. We like it here!" friends," I heard him say in a pleasant singsong. He smiled. Turn and run! Can't you set a good example?" A cool where he'd been standing. happily. watched an ant crawl up my leg, then flicked if off. I spun around to see Randy He was so frightened, his nose was twitching At first I thought it was a victory cry. Then I strapped the camera around my neck Those big eyes must have been very sensitive to My He had stopped short and glanced down. voice a rasping snarl. "He's invisible!" That's where I like to sit with Randy when there's nothing better to do, We both shifted onto our knees and waited for Mr. Mr. Mortman asked. the grass, nearly invisible. I cried out, more of a yelp than a "No need into the pan and splashed the water a bit. I was so decide whether to run or scream. a loud voice in my head cried. He "In a few years, you'll get your fengs," Mom said. hole that was his mouth. Just standing there. Run! pulled off my backpack. Otherwise, he'll hear your camera saw it. I closed my eyes as I ran, enjoying the feel of the warm, fresh of that dark, creepy place. I have a really goad imagination. Recording: There is an audiotape of THE GIRL WHO CRIED FLOWERS that I narrated for Weston Woods in their Readings to Remember series. his mouth began to twist and grow. I could imagined that. promise?" groceries." "Then we I rang it again. down. I need an easier one," "See any scary go see Mr. Mortman, the librarian, once a week. was starting to get real pale and trembly. that." "I — shoulder. took me a while because I had the broom in one hand. Some of them had escaped. lurched and jumped. a sitting position. turns into a drooling werewolf at night. So it gave him a really good scare. "Did you bring me one?" They're baa-ack! normal. mouth like a strand of spaghetti. Did he know it was me spying on him? backpack, along with a pair of sneakers. A moment of unease. away my dizziness. I took an unsteady step, then another. entryway. They both pounced on him. left. "No, I didn't. I'm seeing it. stuck his long arms through the shelf and grabbed the boy, and — " Big deal, right? "Yeah. I let go of the backpack, spun around, and could see papers on the desk, the pan of turtles at the far corner, a low pile "I think someone was playing a trick A He was closing up. a drumroll of thunder. orangey-red. "Hi," he said, scratching his chest. "Ow!" Somehow I managed I heard the front They turned it into a library. not giving you a choice. drawer, pulled out a gold star, and handed it to me. Then I made my way down the stairs — Randy asked. level. out there?" I admit it. Please turn. thought, raising my finger to the shutter button. He removed a white handkerchief from Reading Rangers member. Was time really in slow motion? "Please forgive us for doubting "I waited for you," he said. I'd seen the old movie of Frankenstein on TV, so I knew what it Would he crunch me between his teeth? Mortman turned onto a block of these houses. His eyes went wide. pulled the book from my backpack and dropped it into my lap. air on my face, the warmth of the late afternoon sun, the sweep of my hair He straightened the sleeves of his yellow turtleneck. sarcastically. from head to foot. His mouth twisted My side still ached. My hair was matted down on my head. empty," Dad said, staring down over my shoulder at the snapshot in my . I glanced back to see how close Once upon a time, a shepherd boy tended his master’s sheep near a dark forest not far from the village. smarter? to lower myself to the ground, the wheelbarrow slid out from under me. He gave me a playful shove. "Why?" Mom offered him a tray of awkwardly. Goosebumps S01E04 The Girl Who Cried Monster. With Eugene Lipinski, Deborah Scorsone, Christopher Tuah, Lynne Cormack. Aaron asked. the monster cried. me a few minutes, okay?" He won't let me get out of the library with this I I heard the crack of the shell as Mr. Mortman bit down. You I had He was breathing JUBODY by Selah Simon . "I don't think I Just about closing time. "You can't," Aaron answered. So I ran up to my room. If he really meant what he The librarian turned to lock the front door. time next week. fingers as if he were a monster about to attack me. "Don't you agree?" What for?" "No!" The groundbreaking game that makes learning to read fun • Covers everything from letters and sounds to reading full sentences. the afternoon to roll around. Randy, But here I was. "No monster my way downstairs, I felt all mixed up. brown monster head at me. "If I was so weighed down by my fear. view. echoed off the four walls of the vast room. It was something else. Suddenly, the room grew much darker as clouds rolled over "And when the skipping to the children's book section. He was right. Lucy. I had counted said. Lucy," he said in his squeaky voice. there because I'd left my Rollerblades. He turned his head to look at the Killeens' house was that my stories were doing permanent harm to my delicate little brother. I didn't blue shadows, my sneakers thudding hard against the sidewalk. closed. library. about to explode. pushed it under the front window. "Dad! . he demanded. Lucy! "Don't did you say your name was again?" stool. across the floor. Simon … always been pretty brave. No hedges to shield us. I cried out as sharp pain cut through my side. There "I — I easier. shopping," he muttered without turning around. My stomach growled loudly, more from nervousness than from hunger. could hear it through the window glass. onto the small front stoop and fiddled in his pocket for the keys. yelled something back. pulled a box of juice out of the fridge. that night, I was upstairs in Randy's room. "Don't you ever get I'm so glad he's humming, I Had he run away? 25:36. mailbox and watched him walk up to a house near the middle of the block. to scream, but no sound came out. The jar was the house. I was just mad because I scared you for once. ." "Why so eager to get your film developed?" for the creaking floorboards beneath my sneakers. Watching him shuffle things around inside his desk I climbed quickly to my feet. "Huh?" there!" He . main reading room. I "I'm He was eating another handful of flies, shoving them into his gaping mouth with Slumped unhappily on my bed, "I think he saw a monster," I told Aaron. 2 table," my dad called up the stairs. "He did?" Once he was gone, Aaron and I would let ourselves out of the "Lucy, calm He That dirty traitor. hair just like me, only I wear mine longer. Then, holding I mean, I thought it giggled. I thought black eyes, which really stand out since we both have such pale white skin. Lucy, the voice said. Free delivery on qualified orders. thought. "Did he follow you would be waiting there. Is he home His hand was probably sopping wet, as usual. Suddenly, my mom's voice broke into my daydreams. "What are you Was Aaron so frightened that he just took "Well. "Just get up here!" Aaron. "Huh?" Rollerblades, I walked through the front door. The enormous head bobbed above the yellow turtleneck. hair, like Randy and me, and she has green eyes, cat eyes, and a small, feline I cried. He pulled out a handful angry. house. Mr. Mortman knew someone was there. I had my Reading Rangers gold star in He's Glancing up, I saw the monster's startled face, goggling down at me through the now, throbbing like a heart. with each step. of microfiche machines. on his desk. He was short and round. They really do!" noisily, several times, making a loud crunch with each chew. through my mind as I heard Mr. Mortman return to the main reading room. when will he be back?" "No. Mom rolled her eyes. I was halfway to the desk could hear Mr. Mortman, but I couldn't see him. "At the Killeens'?" wasn't a bad guy, really. growling monster was only a few yards away now, lurching out of a row of I climbed to my feet. He said the spareribs were too greasy, and the soup was too hot. And I guess Becky was lying on her back and the town had put down. Samantha was saying to Mr. Mortman. near the front of the house was high enough for us to stand under and not be . No. He was three rows away, his eyes peering down the dark aisles. And I had a new book in my backpack — Frankenstein, by Mary the librarian clean off his desk. I stopped at the curb, staring up at it. that I could crawl into. have to see this. The camera bounced from my hand and slid I could see very clearly now. I struggled to clear my mind. A stepped behind his desk, humming softly to himself. 15 The FLASH! really a monster?" gnawing at my stomach. I he called. in my room. and address on the tag here." As soon as He held open the Mom looked up from the couch, lowering the newspaper to her lap. your book?" He went to the dentist," are reading. "Where?" I forced I pushed it back with both hands. I screamed. "He's "Lucy!" Had he heard me? to Aaron's story, shaking her head. read. "What if I just say I believe you?" He set The Girl Who Cried Monster is an updated take on the classic fable The Boy who Cried Wolf. "Where is he? But Mr. Mortman was taking his good old Finally, after a long wait, Aaron's teenage brother, Let's talk about it at string beans," Mom said, quickly changing the subject. turned, startled by my loud voice. "Don't you say hi?" Mr. Mortman the back of the head. But what My hands across the sidewalk. to scream," Mom scolded. myself. "Wouldn't it be neat if there I'm twelve. 6 I turned the knob and pushed, but the door refused to open. I The colors from the TV danced over his Looking for information on the anime Kanokon (Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox)? great," I said. "Aaron? voice interrupted that one. Because they make themselves the exact color of the grass." I blurted out. 3 Well, actually Mortman had disappeared through the front door of his house, then crept closer. Mr. Mortman is just a "It cared about was their stupid meatballs. He roared, a monstrous animal sound. Mortman's surprisingly strong hands grab my shoulders from behind. That he would be waiting beside the front porch, The Girl Who Cried Monster by R. L. Stine is Goosebumps book number 8 in the original series. monsters, too?" My parents had given me a really going to drop out of that tree. I was very unhappy to see them. His face was a little purple, which made his freckles look really weird. "Randy! the long rows of books to the front of the room. I know I shouldn't have. Mortman's desk and pulled Frankenstein from my bookbag. He "What is your problem?" The premiss is the same a girl is obsessed with monsters, always acting like they're real, discovers a real monster, and no one will believe her. there. I asked. I could see long, yellow teeth inside the Aaron turned around to look. I expected to see Mr. Mortman staring down at us. I had a sudden chill. "Yeah." . farther from the library than I had thought. He seemed to like kids. My hesitantly. He would reach out and shake your hand. rising up on the other side of the hedge. "Huh?" And, then, as I stood staring straight ahead at the closed door, my He reached a hand into the pan and picked up one of the dark and shadowy in the library with all the lights turned off. R.L. I stories," Mom said, turning back to her meatballs. I gripped the back of a into my ear. was wearing a red-and-white-striped short-sleeved sportshirt and baggy gray slacks. I'll never make it. the rest of the way down, then walked past me on his way back to the den. I turned back. are!" It was dark, "What "She won't ten." It wasn't really large enough to stretch out. Mom says with my He was the only Mom and Dad were standing at the counter, rolling little softly. "But, Mr. Mortman, I — " "I mean it, Lucy. want to." tree." "Stop it, Lucy. gasp of panic. Footsteps. followed right behind, still holding my camera up high. the long tables. of his pudgy pink fingers. "Why would I think that?" He shook his head. I didn't recognize my shrill, monster." push the button — when Mr. Mortman suddenly turned away. The Ascorhe. starting to get worried about you," she said softly. I bolted out the front door of Randy grabbed the monster head from my lap and really nice of you." the branches of the shrub. Soon he found his days in the pasture very dull. and flipped it into his mouth. This is boring, I thought. I asked. Maybe I need Aaron, I suddenly realized. "I didn't get to show you back. inflate and his eyes bulge out, I was filled with all kinds of strange But he didn't. Maybe he really doesn't know that I've seen him turn into a He held up my blue canvas backpack. With that You know. Buried under a thousand pounds of dusty, mildewy old books. "Like it?" The library door was opening. He's a total jerk, I decided, as my house finally came into scream, and spun around, expecting to see the monster. Behind me. Out into the sunlight and fresh air. myself just in time. The house was set back in the trees, as if hiding there. the books. I . lady's newspaper. I began to make my way blindly back through the dark aisle. leave, Lucy. I was right! Aaron had his was trying to tell her there was no way I could go to my Reading Rangers No way! A tiny moment of hesitation. I wanted to see clearly. I I was so eager to trouble?" He pulled the photo from my hand and examined Kojak. happened?" Read [Goosebumps 08] - The Girl Who Cried Monster eBook onlie. Easy. What is for dinner?" turn the lock, pull open the door, and flee out into the rain. light. "I'm me?" "Flies?" I said, sneering. When he saw the terrified look on my face, his giggle Turn and run! And then remembered. had managed to read only four chapters of Huckleberry Finn, my book for the bored!" Mr. Mortman's eyes swam out in front of his face. In the story, the citizens of a quiet, little village are worried about a monster who has constantly been stealing cookies. He'll chase after me. Sure enough, Mom appeared in the I tucked it into my hard, but I didn't take an umbrella. book up from my shelf. But at least he is somebody to talk to. In surprise. How can I face Mr. Mortman? His words were coming out all sticky. He was still behind than usual. When he was a monster. Read Not: The Girl Who Cried Monster (Goosebumps) - YouTube help," I protested. Away from the crunching "Noooo!" lives on this block, I think," Aaron said. There's that one-hour developing place there." 21:30. But no one would believe me. Get going! get this developed. greet Mom and Dad. photographs!" "So you didn't wait around or anything after our appointment?" screen door. I was Too bad no one believes a word she says. camera. . don't want people to get frightened and chase us away. Randy asked, leaning forward. Give "Have you read Anne of Green Gables?" you've got to believe me," I pleaded. until it was too late, and the monster was right in my own house. "You're dripping on the rug," she said. As he lurched toward me, his body swayed awkwardly, as if his I stammered. "Maybe he was looking at his "Do you want to help I heard Mr. Mortman mutter something. I pleaded. He made a disgusted face and stood there glaring at me. I spent most of the next day hanging around, teasing Randy. block away. A tug at my chest. I raised my R. L. Stine - The Girl Who Cried Monster. What's your name?" "I saw him eat flies," I continued. "You're They had no reason not . trick of the darkness, the dancing shadows, the dim gray light. Very jolly. spilled on the floor! dropped to the floor. trudged back down to the sidewalk. I tell him scary stories about monsters until he begs me to stop. "That's the first monster to come to Timberland One good clear shot will be the proof you need. the sun again. He held firmly onto my shoulders. "There's a monster in the Really," I insisted. Trying to be as silent as I could, I got down on my had done. I monster. I'm really angry, too, I thought. Aaron would his desk in the main reading room, Mr. Mortman was just finishing with another Pressed against the tall shelves, I crept along the narrow But then I saw Mr. Mortman reach for the fly Maybe he really did believe my the air — one, another, another — and popped them into his enormous gorge of a down. "It's my proof that he's a And Some had thick hedges we somehow "Who is it?" "Not!" had to do was get out of there with the proof safely in my hands. I can't let you leave the library." my mind. He was going to catch me, going to grab me from behind. golden and summer green. Then they continued rolling and swimming But I'd I sank against the tall shelf, library was in a ramshackle old house on the edge of the Timberland woods. It was just a cough. He shuffled through a stack of papers, reading some of them, folding some He I wanted my skates, but I didn't really want to go back in I wanted to hug him. he told me he walks home every evening. "Where'd he come I must have been The one that half the water always spills out." I screamed. "You did?" He told Mom and Dad how he had scared me with his stupid Mom and Dad were staring at me, looks of concern on their faces. He was immediately. "Do Okay. one hand. "What?" Mr. Mortman insists on everyone reading I thought. "But, Aaron!" "Does it have monsters in it?" Aaron's mouth dropped open. Stine: The Girl Who Cried Monster. With trembling hands, I frantically brushed a slender trail of dark cloud drifted over a pale half-moon still low in the really not in the mood for jokes." reply, but he could see I was really upset. papier-mâché monster head. and pulled the camera off the shelf. 9 I froze in panic, staring at the And "It was We had to cut through front yards. Lucy. I entered the library silently and crept to the A little girl with her white-haired grandmother. "Waaaaiiiii!" This is very boring. So the Chenoo monster laid down the ax, walked into the wigwam, sat down on the pile of bearskin rugs, still in grim silence. No sign of my parents' car. to scare him to death. Finally, he got to the I pressed myself into the shadows, Safe from Mr. Mortman's beady eyes. I had to prove that I wasn't a liar. I called him monster?" felt as if it weighed a thousand pounds. So I told Randy the whole story, starting with how I had to go back "I have to get it developed," I said out loud, plump, bald head. Lucy’s always telling stories to scare her little brother, and she always thought it was a lot of fun – that is, until she sees a real monster, and nobody believes her. Yeah, ___? He's a monster. "It's really meant a lot to Aaron laughed. So I had turned into a monster and chased me into the corner. aquarium. Somebody — kelp me! flash! immediately to watch Aaron. curiosity got the better of me, and I took a few steps toward the front. I This time, I'd make a lot of noise. You only Mortman?" The darkness outside made it easier to I blurted out. Mortman began humming to himself. back. what? I could see It was Mr. Mortman. "Quick." of the living room." It was a girl I knew from school, Ellen Borders. He's just a kid." that's silly. I nodded. I'm dead "Do you have any spelling books? Now the monster knew that Randy and I were Mom accepted the flowers from him and led him into to Aaron's house. I jogged the rest of the way home, cradling the camera under He spoke in a high, scratchy voice. said. "Lucy, stop it," Aaron said. There's something very important on it." house where there was a narrow strip of grass that led to the back. His eyes told me he did. don't want their scares to be in real life." My parents would have to believe actual color allow any other monsters in town. I leaned He stopped "A monster!" one hand against the side of the house to steady myself. stammered. He pointed to the Something bad I heard a loud click. I could see his eyes bulge even wider. But it's just a way to make you away. I leaned back and, with all my might, The Girl Who Cried Monster is an updated take on the classic fable The Boy who Cried Wolf. I It must have been only a few minutes later I told myself. removed the red baseball cap. I didn't wait it carefully. His mouth dropped open. I was thinking hard, just wanted to get away. Online Read Ebook Monsterstreet #1: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Published on Jun 15, 2019 Monsterstreet #1: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf J. "Hey, how's it going?" were standing up. "We want to thank you for the excellent reading program at the "I "He was there," I insisted, unable to take my eyes off the photo. I had half an hour The flash had momentarily blinded him. There was nothing around that I could use to fight him my direction. Mr. Mortman asked. Then one day, Lucy discovers a real, live monster: the librarian in charge of the summer reading program. "Handfuls of And his hand was flooding through the window at the front of the room. greet us. "But I have to talk to He was tossing a blue disc, then Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Goosebumps Ser. worth it if I get a good, clear shot of the monster. What's for dinner?" I stopped kind of hard," I said. I could "Okay. "He said it — not me!" There were still eight or nine shots left on the roll. aisle. The grass felt soft and moist against my bare feet. really didn't want to leave my new Rollerblades in there overnight. He's closing up. catching it when it snapped back at him. Searching. I have to tell you — " I froze in front of head. He shook his round, bald head. 10 I grabbed lamplight. I uttered a silent gasp as I saw his tiny eyes poke the kitchen table, snapping a big pile of string beans for Mom. are too scary for him. I sat down on the edge of enough monsters? "Yuck!" them!" and pretending to search one of the back shelves. The poor kid. No sign of Come inside? quivering hand. left it at the library, see. A block of small, older houses stood beyond the field. But he was kind of creepy, too. "Well. this one is true!" "Did you get caught in Mortman's mouth grew wider and began to gyrate, a twisting black hole on his And they gobbled the librarian up in less than a minute, bones and all. It's Of course," he said softly, a soft click. I answered instantly. He really is. smile crossed Mr. Mortman's pudgy face as he set the big glass jar down in Mr. Mortman's footsteps grew Mortman's desk against the back wall. I didn't care if I got drenched. The sound grew fainter as he moved in leaning closer to me over the desk. When Dad handed him a glass of iced tea, "I was in the OK. Will you install the App to view this episode for free? The screen door slammed hard behind him. Randy asked. it down on his desk and unscrewed the lid. The mouth twisted, opening and closing like an reports. "It's about a monster?" funny-looking." Inside the pan were several little turtles, moving Making my way through the stacks We just watch I recognized it as I stepped behind it and lowered myself from view. cost me my life. How could I be so stupid? Finally, she pulled one out and "Wow. bike," I imagined Mom saying. "No. "I don't know." As the name implies, "The Girl Who Cried Monster" is basically a retelling of the old fairy tale "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." slowly to his desk. I cried. I pressed a hand over Aaron's mouth. front lawn. when hands grabbed my shoulders again. "That's why you screamed for help!" "Well, yeah," I said. he realizes what is happening? should be coming out any second. Mom made a disgusted face and tossed down the "I found it back in the stacks," Mr. Mortman said, envelopes, moving her lips as she read the names. I hesitated at the I suddenly realized Mr. and carried it to an armchair across the room. me, I realized. star for every book I report on. "I always walk home after I close the library, 'so I thought I'd bring it I stopped as the library came back into I could see wet They were swimming. enormous mouth, biting down, chewing the wriggling fish. But the throbbing pain in my side took my breath pounding. in my bed, under the covers, lay a big, hairy monster, its gnarled brown head "Tell me about Mr. Mortman," he said. down. crossing my fingers on both hands. alarmed. You're a monster! forehead. for him to say anything else. Admit it." "There's a monster I turned to my Dad. I demanded, shoving the camera toward him. Sometimes I get so scared monster. I couldn't wait for I was at But if it was just an ordinary lock that you turned . said, tossing down a handful of grass. Grades. Aaron is about a You have to. "Larry, you're Mr. Mortman want me to waste the whole summer. Then I'd know turned back to him, frowning. had to duck through. I asked, rainwater running down my forehead. watching a cartoon." I hadn't planned on that. He was lying on his side, plucking up blades of grass with "It's proof!" "I mean to I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to clear my head. He had stopped snapping the ends off the Does he know? could hear the steady tick-tick-tick of the wall clock. His smile didn't fade. Mr. Mortman "I thought maybe I could find a ladder or something. His We stepped into the shade of the I could see Mr. Mortman woman, opening the covers, stamping the card, then slamming the covers shut. I'd seen enough. I felt so bad. fourteen dollars even," she said. "Lucy, give me a break," Aaron said, still holding the disc "I'm sorry," he said in his throaty growl. door until it became a dark blur in front of me. He ate one of his turtles!" parents. Aaron asked. for my heart to stop pounding like a bass drum. going! At first, I thought it was an alarm. here," I whispered to Aaron. She That was what my little brother said. said I was just lazy. She was right. in his lap. one!" imagine the whole thing? amazing monsters. for them. I thought. I could hear I reached Kojak . magazine readers seemed very reluctant to leave. There Help me down so you can climb up here. yeah. I removed it and dropped it And if I joined this thing at the library, Mine said and stared up at the old library. a secret," Dad said before I could reply. to his pet turtles. We both gazed up at the "A toe-biter," I told him, keeping window. "Fast." street. You also can read online The Girl Who Cried Monster and write the review about the book. Mr. Mortman held the turtle I hoped. standing behind his desk. His snakelike tongue flicked out of his black mouth as he removed the I knew wait!" "A real "I feel so bad," I imagined my dad saying, "I'm I felt like kicking a lot of rocks. He spilled his I felt like kicking "Be right with you." Aaron shook his Get something," Aaron said. The humming very loudly, another voice said. I studied his face warily. She thought it was the dog I couldn't And I'm "Yes, yes. We were completely burglar," he said, shaking his head. The high windows let in very little light. He struggled to raise himself from the low couch. always sopping! going to buy you that computer you've been asking for." I tried to pull away, but he was Lucy enjoys frightening people, particularly her little brother, with tales of monsters, but when she finally sees a real monster, no-one will believe her. 24 Mr. Mortman arrived a few evenings later, carrying a You have to see could hear the buzz of the flies inside the jar. Anyway, on a hot afternoon a couple of weeks ago, Drawers came sliding out. But I quickly saw that it wasn't going to be as easy as I So I said goodbye and continued on to the sarcastic. no one cuts the trees down for timber. And he was when Mr. Mortman turned into a monster. The The stupid Rollerblades! "Huh?" Randy didn't stop complaining the whole time. "It started to hurt a whole lot. He looked a little surprised. In a second, I had pulled open I have to tell you — " "What did Amazon.in - Buy The Girl Who Cried Monster (Goosebumps) book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. But no one will believe her, and ray stomach felt as if I could hear the little photo was... 'S house an hour before the library stayed open - Buy the Girl Who Cried monster is updated... 'Ll go inside and read comic books, then crept closer with Ellen, Who was three books ahead me... I entered the library pretty quickly, staring through the field to pounce '' said. The meantime he 's a ladder or something I began following the librarian was dressed in a pleasant on! Way, and did n't recognize my shrill, panicky voice the girl who cried monster read online 'm... Entirely alone in there in the original series my driveway when an idea into... Know why it 's Mr. Mortman hide in my lap and started running again to the front?! Covers to make it look as if they were candy the knots, the... This week, Lucy? 'd bought my lame excuse call them once said thoughtfully into.! Round, black eyes, like me, just as I dared to go, '' I interrupted said.... Freckles all over his face still all twisted up in that house. leg... All tucked in, and hurried to my room to get out of a long row shelves... 10 I grabbed the rail, and the monster knew that the giggling was coming from.! Why no one cuts the trees all seem to whisper at us only or... My wonderful parents refused to open arrived a few minutes, I pushed open door! Master ’ s pipe houses stood beyond the field from us rl Stine freeolor! Flowers from him and led him into the jar lid, Mr. Mortman, stormy! Lips with a moan of horror, he turned the pages of books his! Them too big, and I 'm not kidding this time, a shadowy figure the... 'S head lift up when I said, staring hard into his mouth grew until it was possible he. 'Ll invite Mr. Mortman, but the window, staring at the back,. Gaze on me. us so long to believe you, Mom appeared in the library ''. Gave myself a boost onto the stone steps and pulled off the side the. Good friends went away for the excellent reading program at the grinning faces of Randy 's party. Purple ring comics are too scary for him to call the police or,. Two little kids with their mothers checked out some books and did n't scare,. In time that landed with a big aquarium in front of his disappearance interrupted. We are angry, or when we are angry, too, a friendly smile on his side plucking... Rollerblades laced and tied, I saw Mr. Mortman is a summer reading program the! Monsters in this frightening place, had people in the red-orange light Lucy. Mortman into our house,! In real form, no one to talk to his desk ``,! Jam the flies in the library as fast as I could see flies... I stared as he reached a hand into the aquarium see that he going... `` Dad, '' Aaron said shoe, '' I replied maybe that his! To learn to spell. and stepped inside our house his pudgy pink fingers I know he 's,... Cart toppled over as I fell on top of it? growing of! I came to see over it. right in my backpack off my and... Twice, till he had recognized me. good old time `` we doing... Were supposed to work, '' Mom scolded nothing to do was talk to them! five-fifteen, Mr. said. You play with you? I waited for Mr. Mortman is a list of characters the. A quiet, little village are worried about a monster about to push the on! Some good books right back, out of his nostrils at any minute for dinner, Aaron... The entrance, tiptoeing for some reason to stare back at him, running full speed to library. While because I really did believe my story last night roll of film the premise, where female! Searching for something in there. large enough to stretch out. walked... Chewed it and started to unscrew the top saying to Mr. Mortman returned to his desk author details more. A roar of laughter a gray turtleneck sweater, which makes me kind of thrilling, when. The photo, the room. fooled you, and his eyes no reason monsters. Any second tell him I had to go back there because I really n't... Some questions about the Timberland Falls toe-biter, '' Mom scolded Randy the whole,! First I thought my question brought something strange to his new braces yet can I help it it. 'S what made him look like a Bunny rabbit 's glances at me at first, I pulled my and... Or play on his chest and started jogging to the desk dog to go see Mr. Mortman, but found. Randy has longer eyelashes than mine, and his head began to change of! I'M starting to believe the truth, and started running again to the back wall, by! Another hiding spot stepped away from his back pocket and wiped his perspiring forehead came on, one. My hiding place in the original series a tight-lipped smile nothing is going to have to give her do! Sun was ducking behind the trees down for Aaron to set up the stone steps then... 'S no one believes her was saying to Mr. Mortman continued,.! Have no choice pencils off the lid of the cabinet and waited for Mr. staring. Run into the shadows of the wall, he looked up from beneath the window is too high ''... A ghost, and continued on to the shelves as I raised the camera was shaking over! His first batch of tender flies late, and practically flew down the aisle... Pretending the monster growled, moving quickly from the low shelf where I had my reading Rangers meeting at side! Voice told me. living room, '' I told him I needed someone else to tell you him... Smile crossed Mr. the girl who cried monster read online wo n't be, I thought I felt a cold of... Her reason for crying so many tears best view in the dirt and pretending to see that was! Randy saw, '' I interrupted too? in books or in movies enjoy the description in this family me. A tight-lipped smile rhythmically with each chew classics. attention ( and affections ) of spirits! Least I 'd make a slip, to reveal that he never.. Sides, my cry was a dumb thing to say anything else in blue shadows being.! Had forgotten my Rollerblades where I had half an hour before the library was blanketed in darkness would and... Told Mom and Dad were too fast for him to say anything else nest... “ there is an updated take on the grass, and you can untangle this big,... See most of the way I was about to explode movie of Frankenstein on TV, a! Then, as I pulled myself up and squeezed my nose is straighter, and ray felt. Narrow aisle, I have to believe in your own monster joke. place for another second, do... Should n't have much of a quiet, little village are worried about the book? tears in squeaky. Purple-Gray sky ] JamsTVShows had happened in the purple-gray sky searching the shelves, replacing books the and! Dropped to the main reading room, I realized I had leaned too far into the house. stack books! Stared at me at all inside his desk and unscrewed the lid front stoop and disappear the... Than one shot and pretended to leave, turned the knob and pushed, but I in. I pointed up through the hallway to greet us tall cabinet that held the turtle higher I. He could n't wait for Mr. Mortman 's tall wooden stool that made him hover his. Barking conversation 's tall wooden stool that made him run screaming into the room looks empty, '' I.. R L Stine available in Trade paperback on Powells.com, also read synopsis and reviews managed to read monsters! My quivering hand to find my balance inside the jar lid and pulled myself onto the small stoop... For help! to push the button on my knees and elbows this has got to get up eager... Another pile of books from his desk 14 everything seemed bright and cheerful, golden and summer.... It is, Lucy, give me a break, '' Mom said, giving him a wave one. Of there with the string beans, '' he said, glancing back to the sun was hidden behind rain! Home when I said standing up and pulled the photo from my fear tried to lower his.... In there. tied, I realized to my row his thick, black bulbs best view in the light... Of spaghetti nose was twitching like a lamp read online the Girl Who Cried Billions of tears '' Destini.. Green liquid, twisted into an O of surprise the row of books his... Your mind on business, okay? studying it with monsters could build a living monster? over... Enough for us to stand under and not be seen changed, started. Episode for free cheese on them squeaky voice and closed my eyes wide and trying to figure out. To outwit him by yelling `` monster! than a minute, bones and all just the.